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Has Voice
Perfect, you smell strong!
Your friends are incredible!
Great training session!
Nice! I wanna fight you again!
All that fighting got me hungry! Let's go grab something to eat!
What kind of training are you doing?! You're crazy strong!
You ARE number one!!
Y...You've got me... Got me good...
Heh! Now I'm impressed...
Never faced anyone quite like you. Now this is fun!
Your skills are skyrocketing.
So you're not all talk, are you?
You're stronger than I thought. I'm surprised.
I'm not running!
I-If only I achieved Perfect Form!
You've got me... I might just lose this one...
Not bad!
Heck, I'm sure I'll pass you up!
I give up.
Alright then. Thanks for your business.
Must be a trick...
Heh heh! You're pretty strong! Let's go again!
Not too bad for an old codger...
Must you be so rebellious, dear?
He sure gave us a good show!
Ginyu Rock-Paper-Scissors (Paper)
Ginyu Rock-Paper-Scissors (Rock)
Ginyu Rock-Paper-Scissors (Scissors)
N-Not bad, I guess!
This pain will make me stronger!
That was fun... See ya!
Don't be stubborn now!
Shall I eat you as well?
That was one weird dream.
I'm the most powerful being in the universe!
But you still haven't shown me you can use this upgrade to pack a decent punch.
Are you talking about Krillin?!
I toldja.
You're Not the Only One Who Can Do That!
I have a gut feeling we'll see each other again!
You're strong, I'll give you that...but you've chosen the wrong opponent.
Come on, let's get along!
Hurry and drain your tears so we can fight.
So you were only warming up just now, were you?
T-That's impossible!
Thank you very much!
The fighters who hoped to challenge me...have already failed.
I think this is all the power I need.
It's over, Janemba. I've come for you!
You're not half bad!
Heh heh!
Thank you very much!
You truly do love fighting, don't you?
Curse you... Look what you've done!
You picked the wrong opponent!
Buu, I'm a man of courtesy.
Hey, when I've trained more and gotten stronger, you wanna fight me again?
What have those rugrats done?!
Prepare yourself for the chewiest and fluffiest octopus you've ever tasted!
That was cool!! Teach me how, huh, will ya?!
And I'd have to say it feels pretty good.
You've helped refine my palette and made me that much stronger.
Thanks so much, everyone, for everything.
Your obsession with battle is quite profound...
Three hard punches and all you got is a bloody nose... I have to admit I'm impressed.
Sorry to be rude, but you left yourself completely open!
For the Good of the Cosmos... For Creation...!
That is the duty of a true god.
But how? The two of us have always been on par with each other!
Let's go!
Was that...?!
Now you will know the horror!!!
That's justice!
I may have pushed my body a bit past its limit...
Yup, looks like 6 it is!
This soil should do nicely!
These figures are most unreliable.
That's a bold statement.
He's so much stronger than me...
I'm disappointed in myself.
That was good.
Thanks, everyone.
Hey, calm down!
This is no time to mess around...
That won't work!
It's over...
I don't give a damn about you or your so-called justice!
Did you bring Senzu Beans?
You don't believe in anything but yourself, and I won't let you win!
You're as big of a fool as ever!
The rage I now feel for letting you get the upper hand in our battle...
Look at the pretty fireworks!
You're pretty good.
I have to thank you. This battle made me even stronger.
I'll always stay true to that belief!!
This fight has been instructive. I do appreciate the lesson.
Until next time! We shall meet again!
My strength surpasses my own understanding!
I need a nap pronto!
You live up to the rumors.
You'll eat those words!
You really are incredible.
*pant* *pant* Guess I'll go... Super.
You didn't say you'd hit back, Dad.
My power's gone up... but these bulky muscles make it hard to move very fast.
Why...can't I hit them?!
You trashed my favorite shirt!
You're getting to be a real bother!
I will do the honors of overseeing your destruction.
This is our power!
Fight with all you have! Bring honor to yourself and our kind!
This fight's not over yet!
The Saiyans will never perish!
I made up my mind that when I grew up, I would do anything to track you down and beat you to a bloody pulp!
Looks like all hell's breaking loose, huh!
You call that a punch?
See, Gohan! Even the lowlifes agree.
I am absolutely Krillin' it today!
Let's see if they got me close enough!
You're the best! Thanks!
Now that's more like it! I knew you had it in you!
What are you? Immortal?
You've become too strong!
Just because things are peaceful now is no excuse to get lazy.
I was still powerless!
You weren't using full power.
You want a handicap? Is that another word for a coffin?
I am the supreme master of this Universe!
I'm so excited I could just explode.
You really thought you'd catch me with that trap?
Where do you think you're going?
I am the great destroyer! The taker of life!
One beyond that!
If you wish not to fight back, I understand... But I am going to destroy this planet no matter what.
How could you just eat the dragon ball?!
That was it. Our last hope... It's over.
This is me at my current full power.
You really do care!
I haven't been this excited about a fight in a long time!
Gohan, what are you doing?!
No, there's no need. When there's Fusion!
Just soaking it all in. This is great. It doesn't get any better than this.
Wait, wait! Hold on!
I'm afraid I've used up most of my magic...
Hehe... That's rich!
Until next time. I'll be ready!
Haha! I'm not like your former opponents, am I?
Don't give me that!
If we attack now, we'll die.
I can feel the power of the underworld pouring over me...
This is going to be special!
Behold... One body with the power of seven!
Luck has nothing to do with it!
You and I are partners.
This is the power of mortals!
Don't underestimate mortals. And especially not a Saiyan!
Are you gonna lie there all day or are we gonna fight!
Never! I'll never give up! They're counting on me!
It's time to show them divine perfection made whole.
The real danger is my fist!
The power coursing through me is exceptional. Glorious. Absolute.
I'm beginning to wonder if you're indestructible.
Thank you for saving smiles like these.
I should have saved more...
I don't need your prostrations, mortal. I just need you dead!
Phew...! Let's do that again sometime!
Guess what, your move? I figured it out.
How truly magnificent!
I suppose being an Android gave me an inside track.
You're a lot tougher than I thought.
This one's built tough.
On to the next target...
This is the sweetest fight I've ever had!
Damn, you're awesome!
Justice and evil... I have moved beyond that binary now.
Wow, I can't believe it! You ARE fast!
Is there nothing more I can do?
It seems you have made your decision.
They can't have any strength left!
My might will be unrivaled too!
I have forged a new instrument with which to destroy you.
This really is a pleasure, Goku. Having you of all people seeing and rating my power.
Like the view? Don't get too used to it; you won't be here long.
Then why aren't you moving? You're bluffing!
A paltry ten times gravity? I can barely even feel it...
And then...tell me what has more meaning than your own strength!
His attacks are so fast... so powerful...!
Ho ho ho!!
I think I bit off more than I could chew...
I'm not...through with you!
Stay alive...Vegeta.
Uh uh uh!
I'm interested in the extinction of every living creature on this planet.
How rude of me. My fist slipped right into your chest.
Heh heh heh... The great day is finally here...
The power of trust...
As long as you hold up your end of the bargain, I'll hold up mine. You should know that better than anyone.
That sickening naiveté of yours is what I quite despise most. But for my own self-interest, I should probably thank you.
I'll shatter through my limits! In my own way! On my own terms!
Let's take this match from the top!
*sob* *sob*
Don't follow orders from people who want to use you!
Sorry about that... Didn't mean to leave you like that.
Will you keep your word or won't you?
So that counts as landing a blow, right?
Are you seriously crying?!
I can't sense his energy...
You don't want to make me upset. One little shock could set me off!!!!
Come on, Laugh!
Aghh... agh.. ugh....
No, I can't beat them... Not like this.
All the raw power in the universe won't do me any good if I can't catch my opponent...
The perfect body. The perfect power... Truly marvelous.
You very nearly brought the mighty Frieza down...
When they said there were some insanely strong guys here, they weren't kidding.
I do believe this Earth might have taught our friend a thing or two...
I am not about to give up!
I advise against placing too much stock in your escape...
Well, maybe humorous is the wrong word. Thrilling, perhaps... Yes, that's it.
It's like something straight out of a nightmare!
What are you?!
It's time...! To...! Go!
Now you're fighting dirty... Just the way I like it.
This can't be happening!!!
I am emperor of the Universe!
I will never lose!!
It took me fifty years to develop that technique...
If you were more like me, you could overcome anything even pain.
It's obvious my minions were no match for your level of skill...
I won't forget this, kid! I'll be back!
I wanted to thank you... You existence.
That was fun!
Yes!!! I am the champion!
I must admit you've surprised me. Your moves and techniques are adequate...
I can tell you've trained hard these last three years.
Attention, ladies and gentlemen... If you can hear my voice, run!
Now that's what I call self-improvement! Good work!
I am Saiyaman #1!
Saiyaman #2 at your service!
Wow! Incredible!
I won't let you go any further!
I believe we have some unfinished business.
Not bad, horn-head!
His energy is amazing!
I won't back down now.
What's that gigantic energy that just showed up?
Now you can finally see my all.
So tell me. How do you like this newly polished Gold?
You may be willing to commit taboos, but this god is staying out of it.
Are these terms agreeable to you?
There's no doubt. You really are incredible...
Hmph. Your strategy worked.
Any fool could see you've been the strongest.
That's the best I could do.
It would be so easy for me to expunge your soul from existence...
Then you are officially dead!!!!
It's up to you, Kakarot. Don't you fail, too.
We'll see about that...
This is your last chance to say goodbye.
I will defeat you!
Just what's going on here?
This fight is over.
I'm starting to get a handle on it.
You do what it takes to survive, got it?
I can still fight!
Actually, your little treatment took care of a crick in my neck that's been bothering me.
I'm the end of the road for you, Jack!
It's been quite a long time, eh?
Thank the citizens of the universe!
What... What just happened? I thought I had control!
All of the Shadow Dragons are gone!
Believe what you want. I believe in what I can see and touch.
Haven't you learned yet? It will only make me stronger!
You failed the grade as a kamikaze...
Ow! Dad, what are you doing?
It'll be beyond any of us. It'll be the end of the world.
Hmph, don't be foolish. It's a great honor to be fuel for my power.
I am Super Vegeta!
You know you can't win! You can't destroy what I really am!
Just don't get gushy on us.
Are you not taking this seriously?!
I'd have given anything for a chance to do it over again... Now I get one.
I could've finished him, and I didn't!
So...did you like that?
Electrified! ...That is the only word I can find to describe this!
Oh, yes! At last! Revenge is ours!
Another costume change for the weakling?
You're not...! Who are you?!
Why?! This shouldn't be happening!
Was that too much? I'm still getting used to this...
Wha...What in...the heck...was that?!
Who...Who are you? Whaddya want?!
How sweet...does that victory taste now...?
My, my... All grown up, aren't we.
You...can't... do...this!!
Imagine if I'd let it hit me... tsk... wouldn't be much left of me, eh...?
This ends now...and you're gonna pay!
That's some strength. I'd be more impressed if you knew what to do with it, though.
Alright, then. Let's get this over with. Come on!
D-Damn it! Where the hell's that one been hiding all this time...?
Nappa! Dodge it!
That all? Or do you want more?
Damn it...
Should putting this on make me feel stronger...? 'Cause it's just making me feel silly.
Honestly, you're going on like a village idiot!
Well... this is fun!
I use your energy to track your movement. I could fight you with my eyes shut.
I'm glad I wasn't too late.
I'll just have to come back another time and finish destroying the rest.
Heh-heh, that's pretty much it.
You don't stand a chance.
Yes, good. Now you're getting it.
You have?!
I have the power to destroy you now.
You said you were gonna hold back!