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Battle Controls


Tap an Arts Card to attack with a skill that correspond to the card's type. Tap multiple Arts Cards successively to chain attacks together in a combo.

Tap the screen at close range to unleash a Tap Attack. Tap Attacks are quick and can be executed up to three times in a row.

Tap the screen at mid range to Tackle. Tackles are quick attacks that close the distance between you and the enemy.

Tap the screen at long range to unleash a Tap Shot. Tap Shots are singular Ki projectiles that are effective at restricting your enemy's movements.

Tap the screen while performing a Quick Dash to execute a Quick Attack. This allows you to attack while closing the distance between you and your opponent and is an effective way to surprise anyone who might be hanging back too much.
*Quick Attacks that hit during a combo will inflict less damage than normal.

Main Abilities

When the Ability Gauge is full, tap a character icon to use their Main Ability.

* Can only be used once per battle.

Using Ultimate skills

Some characters have Ultimate Skills. Use one by acquiring an Ultimate Technique card from a Main Ability's effect.


Slide your finger on the screen to move your character.
*Moving characters back at long range will reduce your Vanishing Gauge.

When not at long range, flick up to Boost and quickly close in on an opponent.
When at long range, flicking up will perform a Quick Dash, which will close the distance between you and your opponent instantly. You cannot take damage from Tap Shots while Quick Dashing.
*Flicking up after sidestepping or attacking with certain Arts will cause you to Boost, even at long range.

Flick down to backstep and get some distance.

Vanishing Step

Swipe left or right on the screen in time with the enemy's attack to avoid it using the Vanishing Step. Using the Vanishing Step will deplete the Vanishing Gauge, but it recovers automatically over time. Recovery is paused during certain actions, such as attacking. The Vanishing Gauge will be restored to maximum value when you are hit by an enemy Arts attack or when you substitute characters.

* You will do a step without evasive effects if you don't have enough Vanishing Gauge.

Ki Charge

Hold down on the screen to rapidly restore your Ki Gauge.

Substituting Characters

Tap an ally character icon to control them. A fixed amount of time is needed before you can switch characters again.

Cover Change

When you are caught in an enemy combo, tap an ally character icon to have the standby character switch in and take the attacks instead.

This allows you to get yourself out of tight spots, save characters you don't want to be defeated, or swap in characters with high defenses to reduce the damage taken.

Cover Change cannot be used against Tap Actions

Tap Actions

Tap Actions are attacks that do not require Arts Cards or cost Ki. They are performed by tapping the screen.

There are two categories of Tap Actions.
Melee Tap Actions: Tap Attack, Tackle, Quick Attack
Ranged Tap Actions: Tap Shot

See "Attacks" in the help menu for more information on the strengths of each attack and how to use them.

Battle System

Battle Rules

This game is an action RPG with card commands.
Fight with up to 3 characters from your party of 6 to defeat all the enemies.

If the time runs out, you will lose regardless of how much health you have left.
*Certain Story Battles may have special victory conditions.
*When the time runs out in PvP mode, the player who dealt the most damage to the other is the winner.


Character elements affect damage dealt. Basic El.: RED>YEL>PUR>GRN>BLU>RED. Special El.: DRK > Basic, LGT>DRK.

Arts Card Types

There are several kinds of Arts Card.
 Charges towards the enemy's position and attacks with a melee strike.

 Fires off Ki Blasts to attack from current position.

・Special Move
 Attacks with a Special Move that's unique to each character.

 Activates various effects that are unique to each character.

 Activates a special attack.
 (Only some characters have this card.)

 Activates an attack that's even more powerful than a Special Move.
 (Only some characters have this card.)

Ki Gauge

Displays remaining Ki. Depleted when Arts Cards are used. Ki Gauge is restored over time.

Enemy Distance

Short, medium, and long distances exist, and different attacks reach different distances. Check Arts for details.

Ranged Attacks

Ranged Attacks that show a Danger Zone by your feet cannot be evaded by Vanishing Steps. Move out of range to avoid them.

Dokabaki Impact

Dokabaki Impact occurs if equal power strikes* collide. Tap to gain Ki and damage your enemy.

* And some Special Move.

Rising Rush

Tap an Arts Card with a Dragon Ball to fill Dragon Ball Slots. Get 7 and a button to trigger Rising Rush will appear.

Status Conditions

Certain skills can cause Abnormal Conditions upon characters.
The effects of Abnormal Conditions will automatically restore after a set number of counts.

[List of Abnormal Conditions]
Faint: Character becomes uncontrollable
Poison: Character takes damage over time
Bleed: Character takes damage over time

Attack Types

When using Arts Cards to attack, there are three Attack Types: Strike Type, Blast Type, and Mixed Type.

Different stats are used to determine damage done by each type.

Even if two Arts are using the same parameters, their damage and cost may differ due to differences between the characters using them.

Attacks can also have four Attributes: Impact, Slice, Pierce, and Explode.

Battle Style

Each character has a
specific "Battle Style"
that gives them unique

Melee Type
-Excels in melee attack

Ranged Type
-Excels in ranged attack

Defense Type
-Excels in defending

Support Type:
-Excels in buff/debuff

Special Move

The Attack Type of Special Move differs based on the Skill.

Status Icon

A Status Icon will be displayed if your character has a status effect applied by a skill.
Status Icons fall into the following categories.
Some of the different Status Icons are shown in the images below.

・Attribute Upgrade
Character's attributes are strengthened
Status IconEffects
Strike Damage UP
Blast Damage UP
Inflicted Damage UP
Strike Arts Power UP
Blast Arts Power UP
Special Move Arts Power UP
Self-Destruct Damage DOWN
Self-Destruct Inflicted Damage UP
Element Factor UP
Critical Damage UP
Critical Rate UP
Critical UP
Strike Defense UP
Blast Defense UP
Sustained Damage CUT
Strike Cost DOWN
Blast Cost DOWN
Special Move Cost DOWN
Special Skill Cost DOWN
Ki Recovery UP
Health Restoration UP
Gauge Recovery UP
Poison Resistance UP
Bleed Resistance UP
Faint Resistance UP
Paralyze Resistance UP
Immobilize Resistance UP
Flash Resistance UP
Bleed Resistance UP
Poison Resistance UP
Faint Resistance UP
Paralyze Resistance UP
Immobilize Duration DOWN
Flash Duration DOWN
Impact Resistance UP
Slice Resistance UP
Pierce Resistance UP
Explode Resistance UP
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Faint
Penetrate: Cover Sust. Damage Cut
Special Move Damage UP
Card Drawing Speed UP
Arts Cost DOWN
Stand-By Count DOWN
Strike Arts Damage UP
Blast Arts Damage UP

・Attribute Downgrade
Character's attributes are weakened

Status IconEffects
Inflicted Damage DOWN
Sustained Damage UP
Strike Arts Power DOWN
Blast Arts Power DOWN
Special Move Arts Power DOWN
Self-Destruct Sustained Damage UP
Self-Destruct Damage DOWN
Element Factor DOWN
Critical Damage DOWN
Critical Rate DOWN
Critical DOWN
Strike Attack DOWN
Strike Defense DOWN
Blast Attack DOWN
Blast Defense DOWN
Strike Cost UP
Blast Cost UP
Special Move Cost UP
Special Skill Cost UP
Ki Recovery DOWN
Health Restoration DOWN
Gauge Recovery DOWN
Poison Resistance DOWN
Bleed Resistance DOWN
Faint Resistance DOWN
Paralyze Resistance DOWN
Immobilize Resistance DOWN
Flash Resistance DOWN
Bleed Resistance DOWN
Poison Resistance DOWN
Faint Resistance DOWN
Paralyze Resistance DOWN
Immobilize Duration UP
Flash Duration UP
Impact Resistance DOWN
Slice Resistance DOWN
Pierce Resistance DOWN
Explode Resistance DOWN
Special Move Damage DOWN
Card Drawing Speed DOWN
Arts Cost UP
Stand-By Count UP
・Abnormal Condition
Character has an abnormal condition applied (i.e. Faint, Poison, Bleed)
Status IconEffects

Character gains a status enhancing effect
Status IconEffects
Immunity to All Abnormal Conditions
Extra Blast Arts Effect: Reduce Ki
Extra Special Move Arts Effect: Reduce Ki
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Reduce Ki
Extra Normal Attack Effect: Absorb Ki
Extra Blast Arts Effect: Recover Ki
Extra Special Move Arts Effect: Recover Ki
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Recover Ki
Extra Normal Attack Effect: Absorb Health
Extra Blast Arts Effect: Restore Health
Extra Special Move Arts Effect: Restore Health
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Restore Health
Immunity to Unfavorable Elements
Restore Health Over Time
Immunity to All Attribute Downgrades

Armor & Armor Break

This characteristic prevents actions from being interrupted even when hit by an attack.
However, you will still take damage from the attack when hit.

(Example) Strikes with the ""Blast Armor"" characteristic
These Strike skills will not be interruped
even if you are hit by an enemy's Blast skill.

*Certain skills will nullify armor characteristics.

Armor Break:
This can nullify the characteristic of certain skills and abilities that prevents actions from being interrupted even when hit by an attack.

Auto Mode

Battle will be conducted automatically when the Auto Mode button is switched on.
You are still able to input battle commands normally during Auto Mode and it will remain active afterwards.
Auto Mode can be turned off at any time during battle by tapping its button again.

*Auto Mode cannot be used in modes that involve other players, such as PvP and Hyperdimensional Co-Op.

Arts Card Draw Speed

There are five levels to the Arts Card Draw Speed.
Normally Draw Speed starts at level 2.

Level 5: Super
Level 4: Rapid 2
Level 3: Rapid 1
Level 2: Standard
Level 1: Slow

Arts Card Draw Speed levels can be changed with Abilities that increase or decrease the Draw Speed.

Ki Attacks and Physical Attacks

Arts attacks that involve Ki techniques, such as energy blasts etc., are grouped as Ki Attacks.
Ki Attacks can be absorbed by "Ki Absorption" and other absorption-type actions.

Arts attacks that involve certain weapons or rocks are grouped as Physical Attacks.
Physical Attacks are unaffected by "Ki Absorption" and other absorption-type actions.

Unique Gauge

The Unique Gauge is a special resource that some characters use to activate exclusive effects.
There are various types of Unique Gauges that differ in how they are used and the activation conditions for their effects.

Attack Type
When Arts are used, the Unique Gauge will increase.

Sustained Damage Type
When characters are hit by enemy Arts attacks, the Unique Gauge will increase.

Charge Type
While the character is on the battlefield, the Unique Gauge will increase when charging Ki.

Evade Type
While the character is slide moving or standing still, they will consume a certain amount of their Unique Gauge to activate Evade against certain enemy attacks.
Depending on the character, Evade might act as a counter and deal damage to the enemy.

Counter Type
During specific actions, the character will consume a certain amount of their Unique Gauge to activate a counter against some enemy attacks.
Depending on the character, this counter may deal damage to the enemy.

Time Type
The Unique Gauge will increase over time.
Depending on the character, the Unique Gauge may stop charging or decrease in certain situations.

Switch Ability Type
Every time the character uses their Switch Ability, the Unique Gauge will increase.
Dragon Ball Type
The Unique Gauge will charge every time you obtain a Dragon Ball.

Check the individual characters' details screens for more information on the various effects, number of activations, and more.

Quick Battle

By checking "Quick Battle" before starting a battle,
you will be taken straight to the results screen.

In the ZENKAI Rush Battle, battle results are determined
according to the Elements, Health, Strike Attack, Blast Attack,
Strike Defense, and Blast Defense of your chosen characters.

Revive・Revive Disruption

Revive is an ability that allows some characters to revive with a certain amount of health when their health reaches 0.

Revive Disruption is an ability that activates when a character on the battlefield causes an enemy character with a "Revives when health reaches 0" effect to revive.

Reverse Element Factors

With Reverse Element Factors, your favorable Elements will be treated as unfavorable, and your unfavorable Elements as favorable.
Characters who possess this ability effect will have a Reverse mark next to their Element icon.
E.g., if an "Element: RED" character's Element factors are reversed, they will be strong against BLU and weak against YEL.
*Reverse Element Factors only affects basic Elements. It has no effect on the DRK and LGT Elements.

When two characters with reversed Elements face each other, whether or not your opponent's Element factors are reversed has no effect, and only their base Element will be taken into account.
E.g., if an "Element: RED" character's Element factors are reversed, they will be strong against BLU & Reverse BLU, and weak against YEL & Reverse YEL.

Support Action

This is a special action that only activates when certain characters are on standby.
The activation conditions and effects depend on the character.

Heavy Attacks

When a battle member uses an Arts attack, there is a chance it will become a Heavy Attack and deal increased damage.
*Attacks from guest or enemy characters cannot become Heavy Attacks.

When a Heavy Attack occurs, there is a chance it will become a Super Heavy Attack and deal even more damage than a normal Heavy Attack.

Heavy and Super Heavy Attacks will not occur in the following content:
- PvP
- Tournament of Power

Improving a character's Heavy Attack capabilities through Arts Boosting will increase the chances that Heavy and Super Heavy Attacks occur.

When controlling one of your own characters in battle, their Heavy Attack capabilities will be displayed at the bottom of each Arts Card.
*They will not be displayed in battles where Heavy and Super Heavy Attacks do not occur.
Heavy and Super Heavy Attacks will not occur for the following attacks:
・Rising Rush
・All-Out Rush
・Rising Rush Z

Arts Boost Grade Requirements

Some Stories will have Arts Boost Grade Requirements. If a given boost does not exceed a specified grade requirement, then the corresponding Arts will deal reduced damage.
*If a given boost does not meet multiple requirements, then only the strongest damage reduction effect will be applied.
*Guest characters do not need to meet Arts Boost Grade Requirements.

If a Story has Arts Boost Grade Requirements, they can be checked in the Story's details.
The affected Arts Boosts, required grades, and damage reduction vary depending on the Story.

The following attacks will be affected by Arts Boost Grade Requirements:
・Rising Rush
・All-Out Rush
・Rising Rush Z

Arts Action

Some characters have Arts Actions, which are additional inputs that are shown on screen during certain Arts.
Performing the displayed inputs correctly will change the effects of the Arts.

Check a character's details screen for more information on the inputs required.


Main Story

Go through the game's story and receive rewards such as character EXP, items, and Friendship Points (only used characters).

Event Stories

A mode where Stories from the Original Series, Scout Battles, and more are released periodically.

Stories from the Original Series
Stories that follow the Dragon Ball storyline.
Equipment may drop upon clearing a battle.

Scout Battles
Stories where you can acquire characters' Z Power.
The type of obtainable Z Power changes periodically.

Bonus Battles
Stories where you can acquire Souls, EXP and Zeni.
Job Requests may drop upon clearing a battle.

Rising Battles
A mode where you take on enemies that become stronger every time you defeat them.
These include battles with Deploy Conditions.

Legends Road
A mode where you earn Event Medals upon clearing battles.
Exchange these Medals at the Exchange Shop for various items.

Ultra Space-Time Rush
A mode where you deploy your characters to take on battles over multiple floors within each rush.
*No Story will be played.
*Energy is not required to play.

Events not indicated above are included in this category.

Other special Stories may also be released in accordance with different events.

Ultra Space-Time Rush

A mode where you deploy your characters to take on battles over multiple floors within each rush.

Energy is not required to play,
and it can be challenged as many times as you like during the event period.

Ultra Space-Time Rush Battle Rules

Characters which have been used once in Ultra Space-Time Rush cannot be used in any subsequent battles.
Used Equipment will also become non-equippable.

Defeat all battle members on the enemy side to seize victory and proceed to the next floor.
It will be counted as a loss if you are unable to defeat them all.
However, enemy health will be carried over to the next battle.
*When there is only one battle member remaining for both you and your enemy,
and both reach 0 health at the same time from Self-Destruct or ranged attacks,
the battle will be counted as a victory.

Special rules are set for certain floors, and you will need to form parties consisting of certain characters or tags depending on the floor.

Ultra Space-Time Rush Rewards

You will obtain points upon clearing floors and completing Trials.
Point Rewards can be obtained when the total amount of points acquired across all floors exceeds the required amount.

*No EXP, Zeni, or items will be obtained from battles.

Rushes in Ultra Space-Time Rush

Once you've beaten every floor in one "Rush", a new "Rush" will be unlocked.

Challenge the "Rushes" as far as you can and obtain rewards.

"Rush" progress that has been unlocked will be shared amongst all Ultra Space-Time Rushes.

Ultra Space-Time Rush Re-attempts

By selecting Re-attempt, you can reset the progress for the selected Rush and start the battle anew from the first floor.
If you obtain enough points when re-attempting, you can acquire Point Rewards you did not get in previous challenges.

*Record of max points and rewards obtained will not be reset.


Playing a Story costs Energy. Energy is restored automatically at a rate of one point every 20 minutes. However, it won't be restored past its maximum limit.

There are two main ways to manually restore Energy:
1) Using Chrono Crystals

*Energy can be restored with Chrono Crystals up to 50 times per day.
2) Using the EN Tank

Using Chrono Crystals allows you to restore 10 points of Energy per usage and also allows you to acquire some Skip Tickets. Any excess Energy restored over the maximum limit will be added to the EN Tank.

Energy can be used directly from your EN Tank when you don't have enough to play a Story.

EN Tank

The EN Tank can hold up to 9,999 points of excess Energy.
Energy will be stored here when you use Chrono Crystals to restore your Energy and exceed your limit, or when your Z Level increases.

You can check how much Energy is left in the tank when selecting how to restore Energy.

You can temporarily store Energy over the maximum limit, however during this time you won't be able to restore Energy using Chrono Crystals.

Energy can be used directly from your EN Tank when you don't have enough to play a Story.


There are 4 difficulties: Normal, Hard, Scream, and Despair. High difficulty means stronger enemies but better rewards.

Unlocking Stories

Some Stories have unlock conditions.
Meet these conditions to play them.


Each story has battle Challenges. These give rewards when first beat. Complete all challenges for an extra reward.

Skip Tickets

This item allows you to skip a battle and instantly clear a story when used.

All challenges must be completed for a given stage before this item can be used.

Skip Tickets can be acquired through the following 2 methods:
① When recovering Energy through the use of Chrono Crystals
② By purchasing Skipper, the Skip Ticket Printing Robot
*Friendship Points are not earned when using Skip Tickets. *They will also not count toward the number of victories required to clear certain Missions.


Rating Matches

Rating Matches pit you against players across the world in an epic struggle for Rating Point supremacy.

The periods for amassing Rating Points are known as "seasons."

Players who take part in seasonal Rating Matches will receive rewards at the season's conclusion.

Compete with other players in two different rankings to see who has the most Rating Points:
① Top World Ranking - compete against every single player in the world
② Group Ranking - compete against players in the same group

Please visit the "Top World Ranking" and "Group Ranking" menus to view the respective rankings for the ongoing season.

The results of battles that conclude even after a season has finished will still affect the rankings.

Rating Points will reset with each new season.

When viewing the rankings, keep in mind that player placement corresponds to the time the data was compiled, and thus may not always be up-to-date.

Battle Rank

Player Battle Rank is decided according to Rating Point amount.

The maximum Battle Rank is 70, and for players with a Battle Rank of 11 or higher, losing a Rating Match will result in a loss of Rating Points.

Players will be sorted into the following Season Ranks according to their Battle Rank:
- Bronze
- Silver
- Gold
- Platinum
- Diamond

Battle Rank serves as match-making criteria for Rating Matches.

At the end of each season, Battle Rank is reset and rewards are distributed.

Special Rank Up

Players who participate in Rating Matches and finish the season above a certain Battle Rank will receive a Special Rank Up at the start of a new season.

This Special Rank Up grants players Rating Points when a new season begins according to their Battle Rank at the end of the last season they participated in.

Rating Match Rewards

Rating Matches give 5 different types of rewards:
- Match Rewards
  Given out based on the battle results and Battle Rank following a Rating Match.
- Battle Rank Rewards
  Given out whenever a Battle Rank is reached for the first time.
- Battle Rank Season Rewards
  Based on the Battle Rank held at the season's end and given to all players who took part in a Rating Match that season.
- Ranking Rewards (Top World Ranking & Group Ranking)
  Reserved for players who are sufficiently high in the rankings when the season concludes.
  *It is necessary to participate in a certain number of Rating Matches in order to place in the rankings.
- Special Rank Up Rewards
  Given out at the start of each season to players who have achieved a Special Rank Up.

Battle Rank Season Rewards, Ranking Rewards, and Special Rank Up Rewards are given out when accessing the PvP screen after the results are calculated.

The time at which rewards can be claimed differs with their type, as detailed below.
1. Match Rewards: End of match
2. Battle Rank Rewards: Upon reaching a new Battle Rank
3. Battle Rank Season Rewards: During the next season
4. Ranking Rewards: During the next season
5. Special Rank Up Rewards: During the season in which the Special Rank Up is obtained

- Please note that it is necessary to participate in a certain number of Rating Matches in order to claim rewards.

*Players may receive Ranking Rewards from both the Top World Ranking and Group Ranking, but they cannot receive multiple Ranking Rewards in the same category.
For example, if a player is number one in the rankings, they will be ineligible to receive the Ranking Rewards for placing in the top 15% and will only receive the Rank 1 reward.

Boost Characters

Boost Characters will power up when used in Rating Matches and Treasure Battles.
The characters that receive these boosts will change each season.
The strength of these boosts depends on the tier.
*Characters in the same tier will receive different boosts depending on whether they are Zenkai Awakened or not.

The characters must be used in battle to receive boosts.
Simply adding a Boost Character to your party will not result in the boost taking effect.
You can check the current Boost Characters from the "Boost Characters" menu on the Rating Match screen.

Friend Battle

Invite friends or guild members to battle through Friend Battle.

Stages can be chosen.

Friend Battles do not give rewards.


You can send messages to your opponents from the PvP, Hyperdimensional Co-Op, or Co-Op Raid results screens, as well as from the Battle History screen in PvP.

Use a plethora of lines from Dragon Ball characters to communicate with other players.

These messages will be updated over time.

Praise Points

You can send both Messages and Praise Points
to your opponents from the PvP results
or Battle History screen.

Send Praise Points and praise each
other's battle performance.

Godly Player

After a certain amount of time has passed from the start of the season, anyone who reaches Battle Rank 70 or higher and ranks in the top 1,000 in the Top World Ranking will be deemed a Godly Player.
This status will be lost if the above conditions are no longer met.

Legends will keep count of how many times a player has finished a season at Godly rank.
From the second time onwards, the number of times they've attained Godly status will be displayed on the PvP main screen.

1st Win RP Bonus!

The 1st Win RP Bonus is a special bonus that can be earned in Rating Matches with your first win of the day.

The bonus will not apply from your second win onward, but it can be earned once again when the day resets.

The 1st Win RP Bonus gives a set amount of Rating Points each time and cannot be affected by other bonuses such as the "RP x2" bonus.

*The 1st Win RP Bonus may be restricted for players at Battle Rank 70.


"Groups" are collections of players competing within the same Group Rankings.
Your Battle Rank at the end of the previous season determines which block of Groups you can join.

Each of these blocks have multiple Groups, and anyone who fulfills the requirements to join the Group Rankings will be placed into one.

Rating Match PROUD

Rating Match PROUD is a special rule set under which battles are fought using all 6 characters in your party.
For the first round, select 3 out of the 6 characters to do battle.
In the second round, the remaining 3 will do battle.
If the match is a draw after the second round, the BATTLE OF PRIDE (final round) will be held,
in which you will battle using a team of 3 that must feature at least 1 character from each of the previous rounds.

Training Battle

Training Battles allow for friendly bouts with players of similar Battle Power.
Rating Points are not given after the fight, nor will the outcome affect season ranking.

Training Battle Rewards

Training Battle Rewards are given out at the end of Training Battles.

Treasure Battle

Treasure Battles allow you to enjoy low-risk bouts with players of a similar power level.

You will only be matched with other players who are playing Treasure Battle.
Rating Points are not given or taken away after the fight, nor will the outcome affect season rankings.
*This does not include various bonuses, etc. that grant Rating Points.

Treasure Battle Rewards

Match Rewards are given out after Treasure Battles end.

Plus, regardless of if you win or lose, players will receive Reward Points after a match.
The number of points you receive depends on the current Goals.
Earn enough points to open the Treasure Chest and get those rewards!

*When Rating Points are a potential reward from the Treasure Chest, restrictions may apply for players at Battle Rank 70.

GodTube Replay Feature

GodTube is a place where you can watch battles between top-ranking players.

- New Replays
This is where you can watch the latest battles.
Replays here will disappear from the list after 14 days.
- Replay Collection Any replays that you've favorited are kept here.
Up to 30 replays can be saved here.
Replays saved in your Replay Collection will become unwatchable after 14 days from their initial upload.

- Watch History
Replays that you've watched previously will be temporarily kept here.
If your Watch History become too full, replays will be removed starting from the oldest first.
After an app update, replays from before the update may become unwatchable.

- Battle History Replays
Tap the "Replay" button on the details page in your Battle History to watch a replay.
Battles that fulfill certain conditions will be uploaded to GodTube.
Any battles that have been uploaded will have a camera icon.
After an app update, replays from before the update may become unwatchable.

Tournament of Power

What's the Tournament of Power?

Spend "Tournament Participation Points" to clear spaces on the map and reach the boss at the end.
In addition, you will receive points toward your Battle Score upon clearing battles, which will determine your ranking among other players.
The Tournament of Power is divided into seasons, and rewards can be earned based on your Battle Score results at the end of each season (rewards will be distributed when you join the next season).
The Tournament of Power is divided into "Leagues," and players with the highest Battle Score results will be promoted to a higher-level League the following season, while players with the lowest scores will be demoted.

Tournament of Power Battle Rules

Battles consist of four turns with a maximum of six versus six characters.
Characters attack in order of highest Ki Recovery, and the turn will end when everyone has attacked.
After four turns, a Rising Rush will be used by the player's side only.
The winner is the one who eliminates all of their opponent's characters or the one who inflicted more damage during the battle.


Players who participate in the Tournament of Power are grouped into "Leagues".
You can be promoted or demoted to another League based on your Battle Score results at the end of each season.
The higher level the League, the more difficult the battles will become.
In addition, players who did not participate in the Tournament of Power during a season will be demoted for the following season.

Team Formation

Form a dedicated team to use in battle.
You can place 6 characters in the 3x3 spaces.
In addition, you can register backup characters that you can switch with your team's characters during the Map Capture phase.
You can also change the Equipment and Attack Arts that your team's characters will use during battle.

*Changes to Shallot's transformation or Costume will also be reflected in the Tournament of Power.


This is your characters' remaining health.
A certain amount of your characters' health is restored after each battle in the Tournament of Power.
Except in the case of a loss, if a character's health falls to zero, they will not revive after the battle, and you will not be able to use them in future ones.

Special Move Gauge

This is your characters' current Special Move Gauge charge.
Once fully charged, you can use that character's Special Move.


Each character has several Abilities.
Characters' Abilities in the Tournament of Power are different to their regular Abilities and have different effects.
Some Abilities only work in certain situations, so be sure to think carefully about your characters' Abilities when forming a team.

Switching Out

You can switch characters between your team and backup characters during Map Capture.
Check what characters your opponent will use in the next battle and adjust your team accordingly.

Tournament Participation Points

These points are used to progress through spaces in the Tournament of Power.
You will recover Tournament Participation Points over time at set intervals.


Spend Tournament Participation Points to advance through spaces.
Spaces each have their own events when you land on them, such as battles or recovery.


Map Capture begins on the Start space.
You can edit your team formation here, so be sure to plan for the battles ahead.


Battle spaces are where you fight against enemies. The higher the difficulty level, the more powerful they will be.
When confirming your movement before a battle, you can tap the enemy's icon to set the order of which enemies to prioritize in battle.
Battles will be performed automatically, and you can see the battle result and other details after it ends.
The amount of points you earn towards your Battle Score is determined by various aspects of the battle.


These spaces are where you fight enemies who are much more powerful than on regular battle spaces.
You will get rewards upon winning these battles.

Placement Bonus

On Battle spaces, there are certain positions in the 3x3 grid where you place characters that grant useful buffs for that battle.
Make sure to place characters in those spots to power them up.

Recovery Spaces

Land on these spaces to recover your characters' health.
However, note that characters whose health is already zero will not be healed.

Reform Team Spaces

You can receive the following effects upon landing on these spaces:
1. All characters on your team and in backup will have their health and Special Move Gauges averaged together. Characters with zero health are also included and will be revived in the process.
Plus, all characters will recover a small amount of health.

2. You can swap out characters from your team or backup with other characters you own. If you do, new characters will inherit the health and Special Move Gauges of the characters they are swapped with.

3. You can change the Tournament of Power Equipment being used by the characters on your team and in backup.

Battle Score

These are points you earn by battling.
Your ranking in the Tournament of Power is determined by your Battle Score.
You can also receive rewards based on your battle score.


Your ranking is determined by the accumulated Battle Score you earn through battles.
You will receive an Overall Ranking, which is your position among all other players, and a League Ranking, which is where you stand within your current League.
Your Overall Ranking determines what rewards you receive at the end of the season.
Your League Ranking is what determines whether you will be promoted or demoted for the following season.

Auto Mode

You can use this feature to automatically proceed through spaces in the Tournament of Power.
Once you set how many Tournament Participation Points you want to use, the game will play the applicable number of spaces for you.
Battle spaces will be given the highest priority when movement is being determined.
Auto Mode will end when either your set Tournament Participation Points are used up or when you lose a battle.

Battle Log

You can check your battle results during the season here.
You are also able to watch a replay each battle.

Boost Characters

You will get a bonus to the amount of points you earn towards your Battle Score if you battle with Boost Characters in your team.
The more Boost Characters you battle with, the greater the bonus will be.

Loss Penalty

If you lose a battle, your party will revive, but you will be sent two spaces back from where you lost.
However, battles within two spaces from the Start space are tutorial spaces that will not penalize you if you lose. Even if you lose on these spaces, you will proceed to the next space without being penalized.

Specialized Equipment

You can only use specialized Tournament of Power Equipment in the Tournament of Power.
You can change your Tournament of Power Equipment on the starting team formation screen and on Reform Team spaces.
Keep in mind that you cannot use regular Equipment.

Special Actions

Special actions that occur with the abilities of some characters.
Unlike in regular battles, they do not count as attacks even though they appear to attack your opponent. They cannot be defended against or nullified by changing cover, inflicting Abnormal Condition "Can't Attack", or by any other ability effect.

Instant Effects

Effects that activate the moment their conditions are fulfilled and last until the next attack/defense.
They are marked by "(instant)" in ability details.


When you land an attack on an enemy that is inflicted with Bleed/Heavy Bleed/Extreme Bleed or Poison/Strong Poison Abnormal Conditions, or if you are hit by an enemy attack while under those conditions, extra damage will occur based on the intensity of the Abnormal Condition.
The extra damage will not be added to your battle score.

Friendship Rank

A character's Friendship Rank has an effect on their stats.
All stats will increase by 0.5% each time you increase their Friendship Rank.

Hyperdimensional Co-Op

Hyperdimensional Co-Op

Hyperdimensional Co-Op is a battle mode where you work together with another player to defeat the boss.

The other player who fights with you against the boss is called a buddy.
In Hyperdimensional Co-Op, your buddy does not count as the battle member or ally mentioned in abilities' activation conditions and effect range.

Hyperdimensional Co-Op Battle Rules

Unlike regular battles, you and your Buddy will use two characters each to challenge the Boss in a 4 vs. 1 fight.
*Some battles, such as Co-Op Raids, may only allow the use of one character.
You will win the battle when the health of the Boss reaches zero.
You will lose if a certain amount of time passes while there is only one player left or if time runs out.

Shield Condition

Hyperdimensional Co-Op bosses have a special shield.
Their shield will have the following effects:

- Reduce damage received
- Nullify knockback effect of Arts attacks
- Cannot be defeated

Deal damage to the boss to destroy their shield.
The shield's status is shown via the shield gauge on the top of the screen.

Since the shield will slowly repair itself, cooperate with your buddy to quickly take it down.


You will achieve a link if you deal consecutive damage to the boss.
Achieve more links by performing alternating attacks with your buddy.
If you have a lot of links, the shield gauge of the boss will decrease more quickly.

Links will vanish after a set amount of time has passed with no attacks.

Strike Chance

When the shield is destroyed, a strike chance will occur.
The shield will lose its effects during a strike chance.

The boss' shield will recover over time.
The strike chance will end when the shield fully recovers.

Cooperate with your buddy during the strike chance, and defeat the boss.

Link Bonus

During a strike chance, each player will receive the link bonuses listed below according to the amount of links achieved.

- Ki Recovery UP
- Arts Card Draw Speed UP


Burst will occur when the boss' shield fully recovers during a strike chance.
Burst will knock back and immobilize players for a set period of time.


Players will generate a certain amount of aggro in relation to the boss.
The amount of aggro you have will increase when you act against the boss. The boss will target the player with the most aggro.


Tap the icon to taunt the boss.

If you taunt the boss, your aggro will increase.

Use this tactic to decrease the amount of attacks your buddy receives.


Tap your buddy's icon to assist them when they're under attack.
By doing so, you will push your buddy out of the way and earn a link.
You will also become the focus of the boss' attacks for a short period of time.
Abilities that activate with cover change will not activate with assists.

Dual Impact

If the boss' Strike Arts collides with yours, you will be able to prevent the boss from attack for a set amount of time.
You can extend this period up to four times by successfully flicking in the direction of the on-screen arrows.

While your buddy prevents the boss from attacking, perform a Dual Impact by landing Strike or Blast Arts to deal a large amount of damage.

Rising Rush

In a Hyperdimensional Co-Op Rising Rush, you'll have to tap the screen with precise timing.

When attacking, tap to stop the gauge when it's full. When defending, tap to stop the gauge in the area shown on screen.

When Defeated

If you have a Revival Drink, you can revive a defeated Buddy and have them rejoin the fight.

You and your Buddy can each bring a maximum of one Revival Drink into battle.

Hyperdimensional Co-Op Rewards

If you win in the Hyperdimensional Co-Op, you can earn limited-time rewards, bonus rewards, Battle Points, and more.

Limited-time rewards are received after completion and can only be obtained a certain number of times per day.
The number of limited-time rewards you can receive per day varies by Event.

You'll earn a bonus reward on top of the limited-time reward if you clear the battle with a Buddy you found by tapping the "Play" button.
You will not obtain a bonus reward if you cannot receive any more limited-time rewards.

- Bonus Missions will appear during battle. Clear them within the time limit to get rewards.
- You can work together with your Buddy to clear these Bonus Missions.

You will earn Battle Points when you clear a battle if you are affiliated with a Guild.
You will earn more Battle Points if you clear the battle with another Guild member.

You will receive rewards even if your Buddy wins the battle after you're defeated.

Simultaneous Rising Rushes

When you activate your Rising Rush at the same time as your Buddy, the Boss will be unable to stop or evade the attack.
Try to stop the gauge when it's full. Plus, if both players' scores are close to each other, you'll deal more damage than a regular Rising Rush.

When defending, if both players are unable to stop the gauge in the specified area, the defense will fail and either your or your Buddy's character will be chosen randomly to receive a penalty.

Hyperdimensional Co-Op Rematch

It is possible to rematch with buddies that you have matched with via the "Invite/Scan Code" feature.
When rematching, both players' parties will be the same as in the previous battle.
A rematch will only take place if both players select it.
*You cannot rematch with players found by tapping the "Play" button.

There's a limit to the number of rematches that can be performed in a row.
If this limit is reached, you will be disconnected from your Buddy.
*It is possible to match with the same player again via the "Invite/Scan Code" feature.

Ultra Skip Tickets

This item allows you to skip matchmaking and battles for Hyperdimensional Co-Op and Co-Op Raids and instantly clear them when used.

All challenges must be completed for a given stage before this item can be used.
Plus, all of the current day's limited-time rewards must have been received.

Ultra Skip Tickets can be acquired from the Exchange Shop, etc.
Battles skipped with Ultra Skip Tickets will not count toward the number of victories required to clear certain Missions.
*Combat Points will not be earned in Co-Op Raids when using Ultra Skip Tickets.

Bonus Missions

Bonus Missions will appear during Hyperdimensional Co-Op.
These can be cleared together with your Buddy. There is no penalty for failing them.
Upon winning the battle, any rewards from Missions that were cleared will be distributed.

If a connection error or other issue causes your Buddy to be replaced by an AI-controlled character, all Bonus Missions will be stopped.
However, rewards from any Bonus Missions completed before this will still be distributed upon victory.

Boss's Bind Attack

The Boss in Hyperdimensional Co-Op is able to use a Bind attack.
If it hits, you will be unable to move for a while and your health will be continuously absorbed.

To escape, your Buddy must do one of the following:
- Use an assist
- Land a Special Move, Special, Ultimate, or Awakened Arts, or even a Rising Rush
- Deal a certain amount of damage to the Boss

Full Power Battle

Full Power Battle Rules

Full Power Battle is a 4v1 mode where you and 3 Buddy Characters fight to take down a Boss.

Victory is achieved by reducing the Boss's health to 0.
If the player character is defeated, it will result in a loss.

Deploy Conditions and Party Formation

There are certain restrictions on what characters you can use in Full Power Battle.

This is true for support members as well.
If a character does not meet the required conditions, they cannot be set in the party.

Battle Style Bonuses

Characters will get certain buffs during battle depending on their Battle Style.
The effects from these buffs can stack.


Characters that your Friends or Guild members have set can participate in battle as Comrades.
Comrades grant effects that are slightly stronger than your own.
You cannot use multiple Comrades from the same Friend or Guild member.
A Comrade's Level and unlocked Boost Panels will be fixed.

You can set your own characters as Comrades from the Full Power Battle main screen or the Player Status screen.

All-Out Rush

All-Out Rush is a 4-character special attack that can deal massive damage.

There are two types of All-Out Rush: Strike and Blast.
Every time you use a Strike or Blast Arts Card, there is a set chance that a special Strike or Blast Arts Card will appear.
If either of those hit, it's a chance to deal massive damage.

For an All-Out Rush (Strike), you have to time your taps according to what's shown on screen.
For an All-Out Rush (Blast), you have to tap the button on screen repeatedly.

If either of these attacks succeed, they'll deal a massive amount of damage.

Rising Rush Z

Tap an Arts Card with a Dragon Ball to fill Dragon Ball Slots.
Get all 7 and a button to trigger a Rising Rush will appear.
Tap the button to unleash a powerful Rising Rush Z.

Dual Break

When the enemy loses a certain amount of health, they'll unleash a ranged attack that targets every character.
Watch the area around your feet to see where the attack is going to hit and avoid it by moving forwards or backwards.
Buddy Characters will always be hit by this attack.

Ultra Burst

This is one of the enemy's special moves.
To fire off this huge attack, the enemy will gather energy for a set period of time.

At this moment, a gauge will appear on screen.
Attacking the enemy will deplete this gauge.
Completely depleting the gauge within the time limit will stop the enemy's Ultra Burst.

Link and Link Bonus

Hit the Boss with consecutive attacks to increase your Link.
Alternating attacks with your Buddy will increase it even more.

If you don't land any attacks, your Link will decrease.

When the Boss starts to prepare their Ultra Burst attack, a Link Bonus will activate.
The higher your Link, the stronger the effects applied during the Link Bonus.

Legends Ranking

Legends Ranking

Players compete with one another based on points earned in the Top World Rankings and within their respective Group Rankings.

These competitions are held within defined "seasons".

Points earned during a given season will be reflected in each ranking, and you will earn rewards depending on your placement within the rankings after the final tally.

You can view the rankings for the current season by going to "Ranking".

Points are reset with each new season.

*When viewing the rankings, keep in mind that player placement corresponds to the time the data was compiled, and thus may not always be up-to-date.


You will earn points for performing various actions in-game.
*Points will be applied to the current season.
*Points cannot be earned while the Legends Ranking is under maintenance.

Legends Ranking Rewards

The following rewards can be earned from the Legends Ranking each season.

- Top World Ranking
Rewards are based on the Top World Ranking results after points are tallied
and will be distributed after the season ends.

- Group Rankings Rewards are based on Group Ranking results after points are tallied
and will be distributed after the season ends.

Rewards can be claimed during the following season.
*Please see "Season Rewards" on the Legends Ranking screen
for more details.
*Rewards that surpass the inventory limit will exhibit different behavior depending on the items.

Participating in Legends Ranking

Each ranking can be joined by reaching a certain amount of points.

- Top World Ranking
Ranks all players worldwide.

- Group Rankings
Ranks only players within that group.

Each ranking requires a different amount of points to join.

Top World Ranking Classes

Players who participate in the Top World Ranking will be assigned a "class" depending on their placement.
*When viewing the rankings, keep in mind that player placement corresponds to the time the data was compiled, and thus may not always be up-to-date.

Each class has grades ★1 through ★7.

Point Missions

Point Missions are tasks that can be cleared by playing Legends.

Clearing them will award points and earn you reward items.
*Different Point Missions will award different amounts of points.
*Points are added when the reward is received and will count towards your total for the current season.
*Legends Ranking Point Mission rewards can be claimed until the end of the season.
After the season ends, you will no longer be able to claim your Point Mission rewards.


Guild Ranking

Guilds worldwide compete with guild points.

This competition for points is split into seasons.

Guilds will enter the overall and category rankings by earning points during the season. When the season is over, points will be tallied based on rankings, and rewards will be handed out.

In addition to the rankings, personally gained guild points will be distributed when the season is over.

You can check the guild rankings for the season in "Ranking Details".

Guild points will reset each season.

*Displayed rankings may have changed since the data was last compiled.

Guild Points

Guild points are earned in a variety of different ways as you play.
Guild points will count toward the guild you're a member of when you earn them.
The personally gained guild points cannot be carried over to a different guild.

*If you do not belong to a guild, you cannot receive the guild points.
*Guild points count toward the current season.
*Guild points cannot be earned when no season is in progress.

Guild Points Categories

There are three types of Guild Points: Battle, Active, and Collector. All three are tallied together into "Overall Points".
A guild will earn a spot in a Category Ranking if it has at least one point in that category.

Earning Points in Each Category
The categories and methods to earn points for each are listed below:
Battle Points
- Rating Points acquired.
- Number of Rating Match wins.
- Hyperdimensional Co-Op wins.
*Once all Limited-Time Rewards have been earned, points will not be awarded for battles won.
- Co-Op wins with a guild member
*Once all daily points have been earned, points will not be awarded for battles won.
- Co-Op Raid wins.
*Once all Limited-Time Rewards have been earned, points will not be awarded for battles won.
- Co-Op Raid wins with a guild member.
*Once all daily points have been earned, points will not be awarded for battles won.
- ZENKAI Rush Battle wins.
- Full Power Battles wins.
*Points will only be awarded for first-time clears.
- Tournament of Power wins.
- Treasure Chests opened with Reward Points in Treasure Battle.

Active Points
- Energy used.
- TP used.
- World Missions cleared.
- Free items received from the Shop.
- Login Bonuses received.
- Daily Stamp Rally Stamps collected.
- Plan Points earned.

Collector Points
- Z Power acquired.
- Awakening Z Power acquired.
- Arts Cores acquired.
- Arts Seeds acquired.
- Items in the "Medals and Exchange Items" category acquired.
- Equipment awakened.
- Items in the "Equipment" category acquired.
- Mission Points earned.

Collector Points can be earned with the following:
- Summons (including freebies).
- Items acquired from the Hoi-Poi.
- Free items acquired from the Shop.
- Various rewards from the Main Story.
- Various rewards from Event Stories.
- Various rewards from Ultra Space-Time Rush.
- Various rewards from Hyperdimensional Co-Op.
- Various rewards from Co-Op Raids (excluding Damage Rewards).
- ZENKAI Rush Battle rewards.
- Various rewards from Full Power Battle.
*Points will only be awarded for first-time clears.
- Mission Rewards.
- Z Level Rewards.
- Adventure Rewards.
- Creation of Awakened Equipment.
- Various rewards from the Tournament of Power.
- Various rewards from Rating Matches.
- Various rewards from Training Battles.
- Various rewards from Treasure Battles.
- Participation Rewards from LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL.

Additionally, Bonus Points can be acquired via the cooperation of all guild members and will be directly added to the Overall Points instead of any of the three categories.

Bonus Points
- Guild Missions completed.
- Victories against rivals in Guild Point Matches.

Guild Ranking Rewards

The rewards available for every guild ranking season are as listed below:
- Overall Ranking Rewards
Overall ranking rewards will be sent at the end of the season to all guild members who participated, according to the final rank achieved after the season's rankings have been tallied.

*Guild point match victories increased rewards.
Overall ranking rewards will increase if you win the guild point match against your rival guild.

- Category Ranking Rewards
They will be sent at the end of the season to all guild members who participated, according to the battle, active, and collector rank achieved after the season's rankings have been tallied.

- Individual Point Rewards
They will be sent at the end of the season to those who have earned at least one guild point that season, according to the amount they earned after the season's rankings have been tallied.

- Guild Mission Rewards
Awarded for guild missions completed during the season.

Rewards for overall ranking, category rankings, and individual points can be collected after the season is over by going to the main guild screen.
*You can only receive season rewards if you remain a member of the guild you participated with.
*You cannot receive season rewards if you withdraw from the guild, are kicked from it, or if it disbands.

Once a guild mission is complete, rewards can be obtained from the mission tab on the guild screen during that season.

Rewards will be distributed as follows:
1) Overall Ranking Rewards: During the next season.
2) Category Ranking Rewards: During the next season.
3) Individual Point Rewards: During the next season.
4) Guild Mission Rewards: During the season achieved.

*You can check the rewards for the season from the "Season Reward List" on the main guild screen.
*Items surpassing their inventory limit will exhibit different behavior according to type.

How to Join a Guild

You can join a guild in the following ways:

- Recommended Guilds
 Search by objective and entry settings to find a recommended guild, then request to join.

- ID Search
 Search for the guild ID you received from a member, then request to join.

- Create a Guild
 Create your own guild.

*A certain number of guilds are regularly selected as recommended guilds.
*If the settings of a selected guild are changed, a guild may be displayed that does not match your search settings.
*If a selected guild's member count reaches the maximum or some other issue occurs, it will no longer be displayed.
*If the number of guilds that cannot be joined increases, this may cause fewer results to be displayed after a search, or result in no guilds that can be joined.
*If one of these issues occurs, it may be possible to solve the problem by searching again after a while.

Joining a Guild

Search for a guild and send an entry request to one of your choosing.
However, the time it takes to be accepted depends on the guild's entry settings.

Open Entry: You will be immediately accepted into the guild after applying.
Approval Required: You will be accepted into the guild when the guild master confirms your request.

*If you withdraw from a guild, you will not be able to join another for a fixed period of time.
*You cannot request to join more than one guild at a time. If you send a request to a second guild while waiting for a guild master's approval, your first request will be canceled. *You can start earning guild points and contributing to guild missions once you've moved to the main guild screen after joining. *If the guild is set to Approval Required, you cannot start earning guild points and contributing to guild missions only with the guild master's approval.

Create a Guild

From "Create a Guild", you can set a guild name and objective to create a guild.
You will become the master of the guild you create.

*Guild name cannot be changed later.
*You will need certain items to create a guild.
*The guild master can transfer authority to another guild member.
*If the guild master fails to log in for a certain period of time, authority will automatically be transferred to another active member.
*If you disband a guild, you will not be able to create another for a fixed period of time, but you may join other guilds.

Guild Points Match

A rival guild will be chosen at the start of each season, and you will compete against them to obtain more overall points.
The guild with the most overall points at the end of the season wins.

When your guild wins the guild point match...
- You will earn bonus points that will be added to the relevant season's overall point total.
- A bonus reward for winning the guild point match will be added to your overall ranking reward.

*The guild point match will start after the previous season's guild rankings have been tallied.
*Only guilds created before the guild point match begins can participate.
*Newly created guilds will be able to participate in the guild point match from the next season.
*If your rival guild disbands during the guild point match, the win will go to your guild at the end of the season.
*The match will end in a draw if the two guilds have the same amount of overall points at the end of the season. No bonus points or bonus rewards will be given.
・If the Point totals of both Guilds are equal at the end of a season, the Guild with the higher contributed Points per member participating in that season will be the winner.
*If the winner remains undecided even after considering Points per member, the match will be a draw and neither Guild will receive Bonus Points or additional rewards.

Guild Tier

Tiers will be determined by the average rank of the four most recent seasons your guild participated in.
There are five Guild Tiers.

Guild Tiers

Check "Guild Tier Details" on the guild ranking screen to see which average ranks correspond with each guild tier.
The guild tier will update when the guild master checks the season results.
There may be a discrepancy between the guild's average rank and tier before updating.

Guild Log

You can check guild members' activity and messages in the guild log.

The messages that can be sent will be updated over time.

*There is a limit to how many messages you can send per day.
*The message limit resets when the date changes.
*Your message limit will not reset if you switch guilds.

Member List

Check the member list to see who's in your guild.
You can also see how many guild points members have earned that season, send friend requests, and cheer for others from the member list.

Additionally, the guild master can manage members with the "Manage" button.

Cheering for Members

If you cheer for another Guild member, Energy will be added to both of your Energy Tanks.
The timing of when the Energy is added to your Energy Tank depends on your role:
- When you cheer for someone
Energy is added immediately afterward.
- When someone cheers for you
Energy is sent to your Gift Box immediately afterward.

*There is a daily limit to how many times you can cheer for members.
*You can only cheer for the same member once a day.
*Your cheer limit resets when the in-game date changes.
*Your cheer limit will not reset if you switch guilds.
*There is a limit to how much excess Energy can be stored in your Energy Tank.
*Energy that exceeds your Energy Tank's storage limit will be sent to your Gift Box.
*You will not be able to obtain Energy from someone's cheer if you withdraw from the guild, are kicked from it, or if it disbands before you have claimed the Energy.

Member Management

The guild master is the only person who can manage guild members.

- Kicking out members
 Kicking a member out will forcibly remove them from the guild.
*Kicked members will not be able to use the guild feature for a fixed period of time.

- Transferring master authority
 The guild master can transfer authority to another guild member.
 After the transfer, the former guild master will remain in the guild as a normal guild member.

*Authority cannot be transferred to a guild member who has not logged in for a fixed period of time.
*Once authority has been transferred, only the newly appointed guild master can return the transferred authority.
*If the guild master fails to log in for a certain period of time, authority may be automatically transferred to another active member.

Guild Missions

Guild Missions are tasks that can be challenged with other guild members.
When a mission is completed, your guild will earn bonus points and members will receive items.

*Rewards can only be obtained once for each mission during a season.
*If you join a new guild and have already received rewards for missions your new guild has yet to complete, you can contribute without receiving the rewards.
*Please be aware that the progress displayed for guild missions may have changed since the data was last compiled.
*The bonus points acquired by a guild are added during the season tally, and are not included in the points displayed before this point.
*The bonus points acquired by a guild are included in the victory determination for the guild point match during the season tally.

Guild Options

Guild members can check the guild settings chosen by the guild master in guild options.

The following settings can be changed:
- Guild Icon
- Guild Objective
- Guild Description
- Guild Entry Settings

The Guild ID is used to search for a guild. It can be confirmed in guild options.
In addition to this, the guild master can disband the guild, and guild members can withdraw from it, via options.

*If you disband a guild, you will not be able to create another for a fixed period of time, but you may join other guilds.
*If you withdraw from a guild, you will not be able to join another for a fixed period of time.

Guild Deletion

Your guild might be deleted if no members log in for 30 days.

Addressing Dishonest Acts in Guild Mode

・If it is discovered that a Guild is acquiring Guild Points through dishonest means, or is affiliated with unethical activities, actions such as forcibly disbanding the Guild will be taken.



Powerful warriors used in battle acquired by collecting a certain amount of their Z Power.

There are 4 different character rarity levels.
Rarities are set for each character.


Parties hold up to 6 characters. Make up to 7 parties to swap between.

* Parties must have at least 1 character.

Z Power

Concentrated Ki power. Collect enough through Summons or Scout Battles to acquire and Limit Break characters.

Character Level

Characters gain levels by getting experience in Stories and Training. When you gain levels, each of your character's stats will increase. You can increase your characters' stats even more by Soul Boosting.

Friendship Rank

Characters other than Shallot have Friendship Ranks. Friendship Ranks advance once for every 10 Friendship Levels. Characters will be able to teach Shallot compatible Special Moves from the "Customize" menu after they reach a certain Friendship Rank.

Friendship Level

Characters other than Shallot have Friendship Levels. Each character can raise their Friendship Level by collecting Friendship Points, available in the Main Story or certain Event Stories. Each character requires different amounts of Friendship Points to level up. You will also receive Chrono Crystals as a reward for the level achieved. Friendship Levels run on a loop, so surpassing Friendship Level 10 will raise your Friendship Rank and return your character to level 0.

Friendship Points

Characters who fight in Main Story or certain Event Story battles gain Friendship Points, even if you lose, but not from using Skip Tickets.


Indicates Soul Boost growth level. When you Class Up, you will unlock more Boost Panels to strengthen your character.

Limit Break

Gain enough Z Power to Limit Break characters and increase their power. Limit breaking is available from tiers ★1 to ★7+. As the character limit breaks from ★1+ to ★7+ the amount of ★s increase from the left side. Limit breaking occurs automatically.

Arts Cards Held

Characters have their own Arts Cards of differing types. Each battling character's cards will be added to a deck.


Characters have Strike, Blast, Special Move, and Special Arts. Some have Awakened and Ultimate. Boost Panels level Arts.

Shallot's Special Move

You can teach Shallot other characters' Special Moves in the "Customize" menu. Use the Special Moves you learn and combine their effects to expand your strategic potential. Characters will need to be above a certain Friendship Rank to teach Special Moves.

Main Abilities

Use once a battle when Main Ability Gauge fills. The gauge fills automatically. Tap character icon to use.

Z Abilities

These are special abilities that are always active
during a battle when a character is part of a party.
The effect of these abilities is enhanced when a character
is Limit Broken to ★3/★6/★7+.

The effects of Z Abilities will be applied to all party members,
so try different combinations of character effects.
*Characters do not have to be in a party as deployed members.

Unique Abilities

Unique Abilities have
different activation conditions depending on the Character.

Ability Bonus

Ability Bonus shows the
total effects of the party's
Z Abilities, Zenkai Abilities and equipment.

This increases with more
party members with multi-
character Z Abilities or Zenkai Abilities.

Shallot's Transformations

In the "Customize" menu you can set Shallot's transformations, including Super Saiyan. Doing this allows you to perform transformations, such as Super Saiyan, to increase your power in battles. The effects of Shallot's Main and Z Abilities before transformation will also change in accordance with the transformation selected.

Auto Select

By utilizing auto select, you can automatically put characters or equipment with any tag or element in your party.

Preset Party

Party Preset allows you to register party information.

You can use any party you've registered by using the Call feature.

The number of parties you can register differs between regular modes and Hyperdimensional Co-Op/Co-Op Raids.

You can increase the number of parties you can register in both regular modes and Hyperdimensional Co-Op/Co-Op Raids with the Registered Preset Party Expander.

Awakening Z Power

A special power that condenses the character's awakening energy.
By collecting a certain amount of Awakening Z Powers for a character that has been limit broken to at least ★7, the character's Zenkai Awakening will activate.

You can obtain Awakening Z Power from Summons.

Zenkai Awakening

Zenkai Awakening will activate by collecting a certain amount of Awakening Z Powers for an applicable character that has been limit broken to at least ★7. They will be raised to Awakening Rank I.
When a character becomes Awakening Rank I, their status, arts, main abilities, and unique abilities are upgraded and a new Zenkai ability is unlocked.
Plus, the character's card illustration will change and a decoration will be added on the icon.

Awakening Rank goes up to Awakening Rank VII.
Receive arts card sleeves and upgrade a character's Zenkai ability by raising their rank.

Zenkai Awakening occurs automatically when you receive Awakening Z Powers.

Zenkai Ability

These are special abilities that are always active during a battle when a character is part of a party.
It unlocks when the character becomes Awakening Rank I. The effects increase after Zenkai Awakening to Rank III, V, and VII.

The effects of the Zenkai Abilities will be applied to all party members, so try different combinations of character effects.
*Characters do not have to be in a party as deployed members.

Arts Card Sleeves

Access the arts card sleeves from Status in the menu.

By setting the arts card sleeves, the design of Arts Cards during battle will be changed.

You will receive arts card sleeves when a character reaches Awakening Rank III.

Tag Characters

Tag Characters are units where two characters battle as one, switching in for each other.

Tags and Stats, as well as health, Buff Effects, Abnormal Conditions and other effects during battle are shared by both characters.

If an ability that targets certain characters has been activated by allies or enemies during battle, it will target a Tag Character unit if one of the characters satisfies the conditions. However, the effect will only be active while the character that satisfies these conditions is being controlled.
E.g., when an ability that targets "Character: Goku" is active and a Tag Character unit containing "Character: Goku" is being targeted, the effect will not be active while a character other than "Character: Goku" is being controlled. It will only activate when "Character: Goku" is being controlled.
*Certain abilities will affect both characters.

Also, if any allies or enemies have abilities that reference how many of a certain character there are or whether certain characters are in either party, only the character that is currently active will be referenced. The character who's not active will have no effect on these abilities.
E.g., if an ally has an ability that activates if a "Tag: Saiyan" is in the party, if a Tag Character's currently active character is not "Tag: Saiyan", they will not cause the ability to activate.

If a Tag Character unit is K.O.'ed, both characters will count as defeated.
E.g., if a Tag Character unit with a "Character: Goku" and a "Character: Vegeta" is defeated, abilities that require a "Character: Goku" to be defeated and abilities that require a "Character: Vegeta" to be defeated will both activate.
*The total number of defeated characters is only counted as one.
*If the characters in a Tag Character unit have different Elements, only abilities that target the Element that was active at the time of defeat will activate.
*If both characters' Episodes overlap, they will be counted as one.

Z Abilities (or Zenkai Abilities) and Equipment conditions will apply to both characters.
E.g., if a Tag Character unit containing "Character: Goku" and "Character: Vegeta" is targeted by a Z Ability that affects "Goku" or "Vegeta", both will receive the effects.

In addition, if any party members are using Equipment that references the Characters, Episodes, or Elements of your battle members, both characters' Characters, Episodes, and Elements will be taken into account.
*If both characters' Characters, Episodes, or Elements overlap, they will be counted as one.
*For effects that activate according to actions in battle, such as "when this character enters the battlefield, if there is a 'Character: Goku' battle member in the party", only the character that is currently active can cause them to activate.

Abilities that reference the number of battle members that are a certain character or have a certain Tag will only count a Tag Character unit as a single character.
E.g., if both Tag Characters are "Tag: Saiyan", they will only count as one character for abilities with effects that change according to the number of allied "Tag: Saiyan".
*Equipment abilities will also count Tag Character units as a single character.

Switch Ability

The Switch Ability activates when you switch between Tag Characters.
To find out more about its effects, check the character details.


The parties you use in regular modes and Super Space-Time Rush have a Leader slot.
The character you select for that slot will be the Leader of that party.
*Hyperdimensional Co-Op/Co-Op Raid parties and Tournament of Power teams do not have a Leader slot.

When the Leader participates in a battle, the following Leader Bonus effects will activate.
1. The Leader will receive all party members' Z Ability effects.
2. All party members will receive the Leader's Z Ability effects.

* In regular mode battles where you fight alongside a Buddy, only the first effect will activate.

Switch Gauge

Instead of a Main Ability, Tag Characters have a Switch Gauge.
The Switch Gauge fills up every time they use Arts and every time they are hit by an enemy's attack. Once it's completely full, you can use the Switch button.
The Switch Button is not affected by abilities that seal Main Abilities.
*The Switch Gauge will not fill up when receiving attacks that do not cause damage such as some Special Arts and Special Cover Changes.

Tag Switch

Tap on a Tag Character's Switch button to perform a Tag Switch and change between characters. Just like the Main Ability, Tag Switch can't be used when the character is unable to take an action, such as when they have fainted or are in the middle of an enemy combo.
The Tag Switch is different from switching to a character on standby.
Therefore, it is not affected by No Switching.
However, regarding Abilities that activate "when faced with an enemy" or "when enemy switches characters while this character is on the battlefield", for example, a Tag Switch will count as a regular character switch.
E.g., if your currently active character has an Ability where their damage inflicted gets boosted every time an enemy switches characters and your enemy performs a Tag Switch, your damage inflicted will get a boost.

In the Tournament of Power, you can Tag Switch when certain conditions are met during battle.
To check these activation conditions, see the character details.

Favorite Character

By setting a Favorite Character, they will appear on the home screen and as an icon that is visible to other players.

If you have not set a Favorite Character, the character in the first slot of your currently selected party will appear instead.

You can set a Favorite Character from the Status menu.


By setting Comrades, other players can use them in battle.

Comrades can be used in the following modes:
- Full Power Battle

Your Comrades can be changed from MENU > Status.

Recommended Allies

The recommended allies feature will show characters that other players are using in the same party.
It will only show characters being used by players with a high Battle Rank in Rating Matches.
For characters that are not being used much in Rating Matches, potential allies with abilities that work well with them will be shown instead.

LIMITED Z Abilities

These are abilities that are only found on LEGENDS LIMITED characters.

Their effects are always active, but only if the character is selected as a battle member.
Any active effects will only be applied to up to three battle members including the character itself.
The effects of these abilities are enhanced when a character reaches Limit Break ★3, ★6, and ★7+.
*LIMITED Z Abilities only affect a character's regular stats.
They have no effect on ToP stats.

ULTRA Abilities

These abilities can only be used by "Rarity: ULTRA" characters.

Recommended Equipment

"Recommended Equipment" allows you to see what Equipment other players use the most, as well as what characters they equip them to.
Only Equipment used by players with a high Battle Rank will be recommended.
For characters that aren't used in Rating Matches, all of their useable Equipment is shown.

Changing Battle Color

If you have a Color Changer item, you can change the designated character's battle color.

You can do this by going to said character's details page and selecting the "Change Battle Color" checkbox.

The new color should then be seen in battle.

Card Numbers

Card numbers are a string of letters and numbers (e.g. DBL00-01) that can be found in the bottom right corner of the character details screen.

Total Power Level

Total Power Level is the total sum of the Power Levels of all of the characters you own. Collect lots of characters and power them up to raise your Total Power Level.


Traits are located at the top of a character's details screen and describe their unique characteristics.

They make it easier to understand what kinds of abilities characters have, but unlike Tags, they will not be the target of any ability effects.
*The Traits displayed for characters that have been Zenkai Awakened include abilities and effects at maximum stats.
*Please note that Traits may be changed and new ones added without prior notice.

Soul Boost

Soul Boost

Soul Boost increases a character's abilities by using Souls and Zeni to unlock Boost Panels and Boost Cores. There are four different ways to upgrade:
-Unlock Boost Panels
-Unlock Boost Cores
-Unlock Awakening Panels
-Unlock Awakening Cores
Unlocking Boost and Awakening Panels will strengthen the character's stats or arts level. Unlocking Boost Cores allows the character to class up and upgrade higher class boost boards. Unlocking Awakening Cores allows adjacent Awakening Panels to be unlocked.

Boost Panels

Unlock Boost Panels/Awakening Panels with
Souls and Zeni. Unlock a
panel to strengthen a
character and open up
adjacent panels to unlock.




・Not Unlockable

Boost Cores

Once a certain amount of Boost Panels have been unlocked, you'll be able to unlock the Boost Core.

By unlocking the Boost Core, you can Class Up and gain access to a higher class Boost Board.

Class Up and make your characters stronger!

Various other effects may become available, such as unlocking Equipment Slots and more.

Zeni and the appropriate Souls are required in order to unlock the Boost Core.

You can still unlock Boost Panels on Boost Boards of a lower class after a Class Up.

Panels can be one of the following statuses: Unlockable


Awakening Cores

To unlock an Awakening Core, you must use the necessary
materials on a character Limit Broken to at least ★7
with a certain amount of Awakening Z Powers.

When you unlock an Awakening Core, the Awakening Panels
adjacent to it become unlockable.

Unlock Awakening Cores and power up your characters!

You can still unlock Awakening Panels on Boost Boards of
a lower class after unlocking Awakening Cores.

Awakening Cores can be one of the following:
- Locked

- Unlocked

Arts Boost

Arts Boost

There are three types of Arts Boost: Strike Boost, Blast Boost, and Special Boost. Each boost has a corresponding grade that will increase a character's stats as well as the Heavy Attack capabilities of any Arts the boost applies to. Higher grades will make characters even stronger!

Different Arts are affected by different boosts.

[Strike Boost]
- Strike Arts

[Blast Boost]
- Blast Arts

[Special Boost]
- Special Move Arts
- Awakening Arts
- Ultimate Arts

Arts Boosting

Arts Boosting can be attempted by selecting a type of boost and then spending items like Arts Cores, Zeni, and Arts Seeds.

Successful attempts will raise the selected boost's grade, which will increase the character's stats and improve the Heavy Strike Capabilities of applicable Arts.

Arts Cores and Zeni will be consumed regardless of whether the boost is successful or not.
Other items, such as Arts Seeds, will only be consumed if the boost is successful and will not be consumed if it fails.

- You can choose to attempt an upgrade multiple times if you possess more than one of the same Arts Core.
Multiple attempts will end when one of the following conditions is met:
1. The chosen number of attempts has been made.
2. The boost's grade has reached max grade or the limit grade for the selected Arts Core.

If attempts ended due to the second condition, all unused items will be returned.



You can send characters to Training for set periods of time to have them gain experience.

This requires Training items specific to each Training Ground.

By spending Rocket Boosters, you can use "Haste" to complete Training immediately.
There is a limit to how many times Haste can be performed.
The limit resets when the in-game date changes.

If Training is stopped before it is completed, characters will gain experience based on how much time they spent in Training.
Any Training Items used will still be consumed.

Training Items

Items needed to train. Received as adventure rewards. See what you have via the Item→ Training Items menu.

Partner Characters

You can set up to 5 characters as Training Partners depending on the Training ground.
The more Partners, the better the results.



Characters can receive reward items by going on Adventures for set periods of time.

This requires Job Requests.

The details of each Job Request will vary, and characters will receive different items depending on where they are sent.

By spending Rocket Boosters, you can use "Haste" to complete Adventures immediately.
There is a limit to how many times Haste can be performed.
The limit resets when the in-game date changes.

Adventures can be stopped partway through but doing so won't yield any rewards.
Any Job Requests used will still be consumed.

Job Requests

An item that is required for going on Adventures and is obtainable via rewards from Rating Matches, Training Battles, Treasure Battles, Hyperdimensional Co-Op, and more.

Job Requests are only available for a limited time, so be sure to use them before they expire!
There are also Emergency Job Requests that offer lots of great rewards but have very short expiration times.

Adventures also have different destinations and difficulty levels depending on the Job Request, but the more difficult an Adventure is, the greater its reward.

To view your currently available Job Requests, go to the Adventure screen and tap "Job List".

Adventure Rewards

Adventure Rewards include Rising and Super Souls, Training Items, Zeni, and colored Souls. The City only rewards Zeni.

Adventure Slots

The number of Adventures you can go on at once is determined by how many Adventure Slots have been unlocked.

You start with 3 slots unlocked, but you can have up to a maximum of 7 by using "Adventure Slot Keys" or "Adventure Slot Keys Z".

Adventure Suitability

Characters of certain elements are more suited for certain jobs. Pick wisely to improve your chances of success.

Adventure Success

Three levels of success, Regular, Great, and Huge, exist. Better results reward more items.


By using the same Job Request at the end of the Adventure, the Adventure can be reattempted.

*When reattempting an Adventure, the characters cannot be changed.
*The Job Requests used when repeating an Adventure will be consumed from the shortest expiration date.

Summon and Shop

Exchange Shop

You can trade Medals and Exchange Items such as Rare Medals and Exchange Items such as Rare Medals for various items at the Exchange Shop.

You won't be able to exchange for Chrono Crystals at the Exchange Shop if you possess more than 20,000 Chrono Crystals.

Buy Chrono Crystals

Chrono Crystals can be bought in the Shop. Use them to play Summons and restore Energy.
*Chrono Crystals received from "Digger, the Chrono Crystal Mining Robot", "DX Digger, the Chrono Crystal Mining Robot", or from the Premium Mission Plan are categorized as free.


Gain Z Power or Awakening Z Power by using Chrono Crystals in Summons.
*Different Summons will give out various results. Get enough to automatically acquire or Limit Break characters. When an applicable ★7 or higher character has enough Awakening Z Powers, they will automatically Zenkai Awaken.

Crystals & Energy

Energy used in Stories recovers over time, but it can also be recovered instantly with Chrono Crystals.
*Excess Energy restored through Chrono Crystals is stored in the EN Tank.

*Energy can be restored by Chrono Crystals up to 50 times per day.



Rising and Super Souls are needed to upgrade Equipment and Soul Boost. They are rewarded in Stories and Adventures.

Medals & Exchange Items

Various items can be exchanged at the Exchange Shop.

- Rare Medals
Obtained from various Events including Rating Matches, the Tournament of Power, and more.
- Z Medals & Z2 Medals
Z Power obtained for characters that have already reached Limit Break ★7+ and Awakening Z Power obtained for characters that have already reached Awakening Rank VII will be converted to Z Medals or Z2 Medals.
*These will not be converted for certain Event-exclusive characters, such as those with card numbers DBL-EVT-XXX.
*See each Summon's Z Power List or the confirmation dialogue that shows before playing them for more information on these exchange items.
- Rush Medals
Obtained as Ultra Space-Time Rush rewards.
- Exchange Items
Obtained as Event rewards.

Summon Tickets

Tickets used for certain Summons.

Costumes & More

Items used to change the hero Shallot's appearance.
Changes can be made from MENU > Customize.

Some Costumes come with Tags.
When Shallot equips a Costume, he will gain any Character Tags that it has.

*Tags gained from Costumes will be targeted by Z Abilities, ZENKAI Abilities, and ULTRA Abilities, which will cause their effects to apply to Shallot during battle.

*This only applies during battle.
These Tags cannot be used to meet Equipment requirements or deploy conditions, nor will they be used to apply bonus effects.

Item Limits

There are maximum item limits for each item type.
Items will not go to your inventory if this limit is exceeded.
What happens will depend on the item type.

[Action Taken When Exceeding the Limit]
Zeni: Discarded
Souls: Discarded
Training Items: Discarded
Job Requests: Oldest ones discarded to make room for new ones
Equipment: Excess items will be acquired, but you won't be able to start certain battles, such as stories or PvP
Medals: Sent to Gift Box
Summon Tickets: Sent to Gift Box
Costumes: Converted to Zeni
Accessories: Converted to Zeni
Skip Tickets: Sent to Gift Box
EN Tanks: Sent to Gift Box
Memories: Discarded
Fragments: Discarded
Titles: Discarded
Slot Removers: Sent to Gift Box
Multi-Z Power: Sent to Gift Box
Dragon Balls: Converted to Zeni
Event Keys: Discarded
Item Packs:Sent to Gift Box
Arts Cores: Converted to Zeni
Arts Seeds: Converted to Zeni

*As an exception, excess Zeni, Souls, Training Items, Memories, Fragments, Arts Cores, and Arts Seeds purchased at the Shop will be sent to the Gift Box.
*Excess Zeni, Souls, Training Items, Memories, and Fragments acquired as Free Items from the Shop will be discarded as normal.


Place up to 3 different Equipment on each party character. Equipment has use conditions that must be met to be equipped.

Equip. Abilities

Pieces of Equipment come with abilities that are useful in battle, and multiple copies of the same Equipment can even have different abilities.

It's possible to mix and match these ability effects, but they will only apply to the character that is using the Equipment.

Abilities that reference specific battle or party members' Tags or Episodes but do not mention a specific activation timing will activate at the start of battle, referencing the Tags and Episodes at that time.

Equipment effects cannot be cancelled by "Cancels Attribute Upgrades" or similar abilities.

Upgrading Equip.

Equipment can be upgraded up to twice with Souls & Zeni. This opens slots and gives new abilities but does not change old ones.

Equipment Rank

Equipment will be given a
rank based on its effect.


Final Equipment rank is
determined at max. upgrade.

Energy Ticket

You can charge Energy by exchanging Energy Tickets at the Recycle Center.

Equipment Archive

You can view the following information
in the Equipment Archive for all Equipment.
- Ability Effects
- Equip Conditions
- How to Get

"How to Get" shows stories where you
can obtain the piece of Equipment,
listed in order of greatest chance to

Equipment you've acquired before will be illuminated.

*Only Equipment you acquired after the Equipment Archive was implemented will be illuminated.

Equipment Rarity

There are a total of 5 Rarities for Equipment:


Each piece of Equipment has a fixed rarity.

Equipment Awakening

In Equipment Awakening, you can use items such as Memories, Equipment, and Fragments to create Awakened Equipment.

Awakened Equipment

A higher class Equipment that possesses stronger Ability Effects than normal Equipment.

There are restrictions to what game modes the Awakened Equipment's effects can be active in.


A base material item for Equipment Awakening.
Materials required for awakening differ depending on Memories used.

You can exchange them from the Exchange Shop.


A dedicated material item required for creating Awakened Equipment out of Memories.

You can obtain them as rewards from Stories and Adventures.

Multi-Z Power

Multi-Z Powers are mysterious, shining fragments of souls that raise the Z Power of the characters they're used on.

There are a variety of conditions that must be met to use each type of Multi-Z Power. They can only be used on characters that fulfill all the conditions.

*If using a Multi-Z Power would cause a character's Z Power to exceed its maximum value, the surplus portion will be discarded and will not be converted into Z Medals or Z2 Medals.

Multi-Z Powers with any of the following conditions can only be used on the characters they apply to:
- Event-exclusive character with a card number containing "EVT"
*Multi-Z Powers without these conditions cannot be used on the characters they apply to.

Multi-Z Powers also cannot be used on the following characters:
- Shallot
- Characters with card numbers starting with DBL00

Arts Core

Arts Cores are items needed for Arts Boosting.
Arts Cores have usage conditions, success rates, and grade values that all vary depending on the type of core.
They can be obtained from Events and other sources.

[Usage Conditions]
The usage conditions determine the range of grades a core can be used for. Cores can only be used for boosting within that range.
*The highest grade a core can upgrade to is its "limit grade". It cannot be used to boost past that grade.

[Success Rate]
The success rate is the probability that an attempt made with a given Arts Core will succeed.

[Grade Value]
The grade value is the amount by which the grade will be increased if the boost is successful.
*Any amount above the max/limit grade will be discarded.

Arts Seed

Arts Seeds are items needed for Arts Boosting.
They can be obtained from Events and other sources.

Reupgrading Equipment Abilities

When an upgraded Equipment slot is reupgraded, the current ability is removed and a new ability is obtained.

You can reupgrade abilities in the following ways:
1) Using Chrono Crystals, Souls, and Zeni
2) Using Slot Removers, Souls, and Zeni

You can choose to reupgrade up to 30 times in a row.
Consecutive reupgrades will be stopped in the following situations:
1) A non-green ability is obtained.
2) The chosen number of consecutive reupgrades have been completed.
3) The Stop button is pressed.

-The reupgrade cost depends on the Equipment.
-The reupgrade cost changes with every use.
-The cost resets once per day.
-You cannot recover an ability once it's been reupgraded.
-You cannot reupgrade Slot 1's ability.

Slot Removers can be acquired at the Rare Medal Exchange Shop.

Guaranteed Upgrade

◆Guaranteed Ability Upgrade
Guaranteed upgrades are guaranteed to boost the ability's effects.

*The boost given to an ability effect from a guaranteed ability upgrade differs for each piece of Equipment.

Item Packs

Can be opened to obtain items.
*Items obtained from item packs that go over the item limit will be discarded.
As an exception, if your Equipment has reached the hold limit, you will be unable to open item packs containing Equipment until you get rid of any excess.
*Expired item packs cannot be opened.
*Expiration dates may be adjusted depending on the timing of the maintenance on that day. Please claim your items as soon as possible.



Missions are tasks that can be completed through all kinds of gameplay.
Clearing them can earn you reward items or Mission Points.
*Items obtained from the Exchange Shop will not count toward item acquisition Missions.

Mission Points

Points gained when you complete missions. Gain enough to raise your Z Level, giving you item rewards.

Mission Plans

Mission Plans allow you to choose Missions that suit your playstyle.

You can earn Plan Points by completing Missions in Mission Plans. As you earn Plan Points, your Plan Grade will increase.
The rewards you can earn are based on your Plan Grade.

Mission Plans have an unlock period. When this period ends, your ・Mission Clear status
・Plan Grade
・Premium Unlock status
will be reset, and you can choose a new Mission Plan.

Daily Stamp Rally

In the Daily Stamp Rally, collect Stamps every day and they'll be placed on your Stamp Sheet sequentially. Stamp a reward space to get its rewards.

Stamps can be acquired from Mission rewards after completing each day's Daily Missions, but if the Stamp for the previous day is not collected before the date changes, the Stamp Sheet will reset.

Once a Stamp Sheet has been completed, a new one will begin when the date changes.

Auto-Claim Daily Mission Rewards

Rewards from Daily Missions can be claimed automatically after all of them have been completed by moving to one of the following screens.
- Home
- Story details
- Story list
- Event
- Adventure
- PvP
*Missions other than Daily Missions cannot be automatically claimed this way.



Friends are connected in-game players who you can Friend Battle. You can have up to 40 friends (including requests).

Data Transfer

By registering the account details of an external service in the data transfer settings, you can transfer your data when you change to a new device.
You can access the data transfer settings via the following:
1. MENU > Other > Data Transfer Settings
2. Title Screen > Support > Data Transfer Settings

*Chrono Crystals will not be transferred when transferring data to a different OS. *After successfully completing an account transfer, another transfer cannot be performed for the next 24 hours. *Registered pre-set party information and GodTube replay lists will not transfer.

Contact Us

Please contact us if in-game help is not enough.
1. In Menu, Other→FAQ→Contact Us
2. On the title screen, Support→Contact Us.

How to Search

Characters and Equipment
can be searched and filtered
by entering text into the
"Filter" dialog box found
in the Character and Equipment lists.

- Search Criteria
Searchable criteria for each screen are as follows.
[Character List/Soul Boost/Adventure/Training]

[Equipment List/Equipment Upgrade/Change Equipment/Equipment Archive/Equipment Awakening]

[Teach Special Move]

- How to Search
Character, Equipment, and
Special Move names can be searched using "Fuzzy Search".
Otherwise, adding an "@" symbol in front of the search term
will search for the exact term.
Search: "@Saiyan"
Result: Characters with the "Saiyan" tag will be displayed.

- Using "AND" or "OR"
These can be used to enhance search criteria.
[Searching with "AND"]
Place the "&" symbol in between search terms.
Search: "Goku&@RED"
Result: Goku of Element: RED will be displayed.
*Does not require searching with capital letters.
[Searching with "OR"]
Insert a "," in between search terms.
Search: "Goku,Vegeta"
Result: Goku and Vegeta will be displayed.

- Status Search
Characters can be filtered by Status.
Searchable Statuses are as follows.

"Less than" or "greater than" signs are used when searching by statuses.
<Greater than the left number and less than the right.
>Less than the left number and greater than the right.
<=Greater than or equal to the left number and less than or equal to the right.
>=Less than or equal to the left number and greater than or equal to the right.

Search: "Power Level500<=1000"
Result: Displays characters with Power Level equal to or greater than 500 while equal to or less than 1000.
Search: "Strike Attack<2000"
Result: Displays characters with Strike Attack less than 2000.
Search: "Strike Defense2000<"
Result: Displays characters with Strike Defense greater than 2000.
Search: "Health10000"
Result: Displays characters with 10000 Health.

Story Archive

In Story Archive, you can view cutscenes from Main Stories you have cleared without using energy.

*Some cutscenes, such as for previews, will not be available to view.
*Sequences in some of the cutscenes may differ from how they appear in the Main Story.

Changing the Resolution in Options

You can change the in-game resolution from the Options menu.
The higher the setting, the higher the resolution.

If you experience slowdown or increased battery drain on your device, please change the in-game resolution from the menu below and restart the app.
MENU > Other > Options > Resolution